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Niche Gamer
Founded in 2013
Publisher and Editor-in-Chief
Brandon Orselli


Independent gaming website, based in Philadelphia. Stated focus on less-covered, obscure games.

Disclosure: DeepFreeze’s support page lists a link to Niche Gamer as a choice by a DeepFreeze backer. There is no financial tie between Niche Gamer and DeepFreeze. Also, an online acquaintance of DeepFreeze’s administrator has written some articles for Niche Gamer after DeepFreeze’s launch. None of these have had any effect on Niche Gamer’s position as a Supported outlet, which not only it holds since DeepFreeze’s launch but it earned through criteria independent of DeepFreeze’s judgement.

GamerGate info

Has publicly supported GamerGate since its start, and interviewed several developers criticizing the industry.

Gamergate Involvement
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