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Steven Hansen

Destructoid, Editor






Sensationalist article, with clickbait headline “Minecraft billionaire feels oppressed by women” and baiting background image of crying anime girl, about a few tweets where Minecraft creator Markus “Notch” Persson opinated on the term “mansplaining”, replied mockingly to some critics and responded to some insults in tone. Among many other apparently-purposingly controversial statements in the article, self-made billionaire Notch is called a “sad man”, his rationally-expressed and debate-provoking stance is called “feeling oppressed by women”, his tone is criticized despite the fact that he’s replying to similar insults from a doxing-involved troll, the politicized and controversialy defined “mansplaining” is equated to necrophilia, and there’s no mention of non-native English speaker Notch’s clarification about his choice of words. Hansen defended himself saying that he was making a record of a publicly-held opinion. The article generated such a negative response that Destructoid closed discussion on it after a barrage of comments, and is part of a small media blitz against Notch that was heavily criticized by a large number of different sources.




2016 May 23


2016 Jun 08

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