Journalist Works for Worked for Entries Modifiers
Adam Rosenberg Mashable Digital Trends 1 Possible Unsure
Adam Sessler Game consultant. G4 2
Aevee Bee Paste Magazine Zam 1
Alec Meer Rock, Paper, Shotgun Edge, Eurogamer, IGN, PC Gamer, Techradar 1
Alex Connolly Freelance, Pocket Tactics 1 Patched All clean
Alex Navarro Giant Bomb GameSpot 2 Possible 1
Alex Osborn IGN 1
Alex Rubens Freelance 0
Alexa Ray Corriea GameSpot Polygon 1
Allegra Frank Polygon 1
Amanda Hudgins Kill Screen 1 Possible Unsure
Andrea Rene GameSpot The Escapist 1 Patched All clean
Andrew A. Cunningham Ars Technica 0
Andrew Fitch EGM GeekBox 0
Andrew Goldfarb IGN 1 Patched All clean
Andrew Groen Writer Penny Arcade Report, Wired 2 Possible 1
Andrew Hayward MacWorld, PC World EGM, G4, IGN, Joystiq, Polygon 1 Possible Unsure
Andrew McMillen Freelance Buzzfeed, Kotaku, The Guardian, Wired 1
Andrew Todd Birth.Movies.Death, GamePlanet 1
Andrew Webster The Verge Ars Technica, Gamasutra 1
Andy Chalk PC Gamer 0
Andy Eddy Former Journalist 1 Possible Unsure
Annette Cardwell Former Journalist 1 Possible Unsure
Anthony Burch Destructoid, Former Journalist 1
Anthony John Agnello Former Journalist A.V. Club, Edge, Joystiq 1 Possible Unsure
Arthur Chu Salon, The Daily Beast 2
Arthur Gies Polygon IGN 4
Austin Walker Vice Giant Bomb 2
Ben Gilbert Business Insider Engadget 1 Possible Unsure
Ben Kuchera Polygon Ars Technica, Penny Arcade Report 11 Patched 1 Possible 1
Ben Skipper International Business Times 1
Billy Shibley Former Journalist 0
Blake Snow Fox News Ars Technica, CNN, Crispy Gamer, GamePro, Joystiq 0
Brad Gallaway 1 Possible Unsure
Brad Shoemaker Giant Bomb GameSpot 0
Brandon Boyer Venus Patrol Offworld 8 Possible 1
Brandon Cackowski-Schnell Former Journalist Quarter to Three, the Escapist 0
Brandon Justice Game designer EGM, GameFan, IGN 1 Possible Unsure
Brendan Keogh Freelance 5
Brenna Hillier VG247 2 Patched 1
Brian Crecente Polygon Kotaku, NPR, Paste Magazine, The Guardian 1 Patched All clean
Brian Leahy Former Journalist 0
Brittany Vincent Freelance 1 Possible Unsure
Britton Peele Dallas Morning News,, GameSpot, GamesRadar Joystiq 1 Possible Unsure
Cameron Kunzelman Critical Distance, Paste Magazine 4
Cara Ellison Eurogamer, Freelance, Kotaku, PC Gamer, Unwinnable, Vice New Statesman, Rock, Paper, Shotgun, The Guardian, Wired 7
Carolyn Petit Feminist Frequency, Vice GameSpot 1
Casey Johnston Freelance Ars Technica 1
Cassandra Khaw The Verge PC Gamer, Rock, Paper, Shotgun, USGamer 0
Charles Husemann Gaming Nexus 0
Chris Dahlen Game dev and writer Kill Screen 1 Possible Unsure
Chris Grant Polygon Joystiq 2 Possible 1
Chris Morris CNBC 0
Chris Newton Former Journalist 1
Chris Plante Polygon, The Verge 2
Chris Priestman Kill Screen, Siliconera 3
Chris Suellentrop New York Times, Glixel Kotaku 1
Christopher Heeley GamesNosh 1 Patched All clean
Clayton Purdom Kill Screen 2
Colin Campbell Polygon Edge, IGN 2
Colin Moriarty “Kinda funny” video series IGN 1
Conrad Zimmerman Freelance 2 Patched All clean
Cory Banks Former Journalist PC Gamer 1 Possible Unsure
Dale North Former Journalist Destructoid, VentureBeat 3
Dalibor Dimovski SideQuesting 0
Dan “Shoe” Hsu Former Journalist, EGM, VentureBeat 0
Dan Crabtree Former Journalist GamerNode 0
Dan Golding Freeplay Independent Games Festival Director Kotaku, The Guardian 1
Dan Stapleton IGN, PC Gamer 1 Possible Unsure
Dan Whitehead Nintendo Life Eurogamer 0
Daniel Feit Freelance, Wired 0
Daniel Starkey Eurogamer, Freelance, GameSpot, Kotaku Joystiq 1 Possible Unsure
Danielle Riendeau Zam Polygon 5 Possible 2
Danny O’Dwyer Former Journalist Gamespot 1
Dante D’Orazio The Verge 1
Darren Nakamura Destructoid 1 Patched All clean
Dave Neumann iOS Board Games Pocket Tactics 1 Possible Unsure
Dave Tach Polygon 0
David Thomas Freelance 0
Dean Takahashi VentureBeat 1 Possible Unsure
Dennis Scimeca Former Journalist Ars Technica, Daily Dot, Gamasutra, Kotaku, NPR, Polygon, The Escapist, VentureBeat 1 Possible Unsure
Devin Connors Former Journalist the Escapist, Tom’s Guide 1 Possible Unsure
Devin Kofsky Former Journalist 0
Eric Eckstein Esquire TV G4 0
Eric Frederiksen TechnoBuffalo 1 Possible Unsure
Eric L. Patterson EGM GameFan, Play Magazine 0
Garnett Lee Former Journalist 0
Garrett Martin Paste Magazine 1 Possible Unsure
Gavia Baker-Whitelaw Daily Dot 1 Possible Unsure
George Weidman Super BunnyHop on Youtube 0
Georgia Dow iMore 1 Possible Unsure
Greg Tito Former Journalist The Escapist 1 Possible Unsure
Gregory Gay Former Journalist The Escapist 0
Hamza Aziz Former Journalist Destructoid 0
Harold Goldberg Former Journalist Crispy Gamer, Kotaku, NPR 1 Possible Unsure
Hayden Dingman PC World 1 Possible Unsure
Heidi Kemps GameSpot,, VG247, G4, Joystiq, The Escapist 0
Ian Miles Cheong Gameranx 4 Patched 3
Issac Ferderspiel IndieHaven Game Informer 0
Jaime Ventura Freelance IGN 1 Patched All clean
Jake Gaskill Former Journalist G4 0
James Fudge Crispy Gamer 1 Possible Unsure
Jared Newman PC World 1 Possible Unsure
Jason Fanelli GamerNode, GamesRadar 0
Jason Leyanna Realm of Gaming 0
Jason Schreier Kotaku Wired 10 Possible 1
Jason Venter GameSpot, GamesRadar, Honest Gamers, IGN Joystiq 1 Possible Unsure
Jason Wilson VentureBeat 1 Possible Unsure
Javy Gwaltney Freelance Kill Screen, Paste Magazine, Unwinnable 2
Jed Whitaker Destructoid 2
Jeffrey Grub VentureBeat 1
Jeffrey Matulef Eurogamer A.V. Club, G4, Joystiq, Paste Magazine 1 Possible Unsure
Jenn Frank Freelance, EGM, The Guardian, Unwinnable 5 Patched 1
Jeremy Zoss Former Journalist 0
Jesus Bella 3d Juegos 1
Jillian Kestler D’Amours Toronto Star 1
Joe Juba Game Informer 1
Joe Koeller Critical Distance 3
Joe Osborne Techradar 0
John Funk Former Journalist Polygon, The Escapist, Vox media 1 Possible Unsure
John Walker Rock, Paper, Shotgun 3 Possible 1
Jonathan Deesing Freelance G4, IGN, Joystiq 1 Possible Unsure
Jonathan Holmes Destructoid 11 Patched 1 Possible 1
Jorge Cano Vandal 1
Jorge Jimenez Dual Shockers 1 Possible Unsure
Jose Ortega IGN 1
Joseph Bernstein Buzzfeed Kill Screen 1
Joseph Leray Freelance Destructoid 1 Patched All clean
Josh Tolentino Destructoid 0
Julian Murdoch Engadget, Kill Screen, PC Gamer, Unwinnable 1 Possible Unsure
Julian Rignall USGamer GamePro, IGN 0
Justin McElroy Polygon 2 Possible 1
Kat Bailey USGamer, EGM, GamesRadar, IGN, Joystiq 1
Kate Cox Consumerist, Kotaku 3 Possible 1
Katherine Cross Gamasutra, Kotaku, Offworld, Polygon 3 Possible 1
Keith Stuart The Guardian 2
Kelly Faircloth Jezebel io9 1
Kevin Kelly Wired 1 Possible Unsure
Kirk Hamilton Kotaku Paste Magazine 5 Possible 1
Kirk McLeand Freelance, Rock, Paper, Shotgun, The Telegraph, Vice 1
Konstantinos Dimopoulos Rock, Paper, Shotgun 1
Kris Graft Gamasutra 1
Kris Ligman Critical Distance, Gamasutra, Zam 26 Possible 4
Kyle Horner Former Journalist 0
Kyle Orland Ars Technica Crispy Gamer, Gamasutra, Joystiq 2
Lana Polansky Freelance Kill Screen, Paste Magazine, Unwinnable 1
Laura Kate Dale Freelance Destructoid, IndieHaven, Kotaku, Rock, Paper, Shotgun, The Guardian 7 Patched 1 Possible 2
Lauren Wainwright Freelance Destructoid, IGN 3
Leah B. Jackson Former Journalist G4, IGN 0
Leigh Alexander the Guardian Boing Boing, Edge, Gamasutra, Kotaku, Offworld, Vice 23 Possible 3
Logan Westbrook Former Journalist the Escapist 0
Lou Kesten Associated Press 0
Ludwig Kietzmann Freelance Engadget, GamesRadar, Joystiq 1 Possible Unsure
Luke Plunkett Kotaku 5 Possible 1
Maddy Myers Paste Magazine 1
Marco Accordi 1
Mark Burnham Former Journalist GameFront 0
Matt Cabral IGN GameSpot 0
Matt Clark IGN 1 Possible Unsure
Matt Hawkins FORT90ZINE 2 Possible 1
Matt Kamen Wired 1
Matt Matthews Gamasutra 0
Matthew Kumar Freelance 0
Matthew Sakey Freelance 1 Possible Unsure
Matthijs Dierckx Control 2
Max Parker Pittsburgh Post Gazette 0
Meghan Sullivan IGN 0
Michael Harradence Playstation Universe 1
Michael McWhertor Polygon 3 Possible 1
Michael Rougeau Kotaku Digital Trends, TechRadar 1 Possible Unsure
Michael Zenke Former Journalist 1 Possible Unsure
Mike Diver Vice 1
Mike Futter Former Journalist Game Informer 1 Possible Unsure
Mike Pearl Vice 1 Possible Unsure
Mike Wehner Daily Dot 0
Mitch Dyer Former Journalist IGN 0
N’Gai Croal Former Journalist 0
N. Evan Van Zelfden VentureBeat 0
Nathan Grayson Kotaku Rock, Paper, Shotgun 16 Possible 2
Nathan Meunier Freelance 0
Nick Chester PR for Epic Games Destructoid 1 Possible Unsure
Owen Faraday Kill Screen, Pocket Tactics, Wired 1 Possible Unsure
Patricia Hernandez Kotaku 13 Patched 6 Possible 2
Patrick Garratt VG247 3
Patrick Hancock Destructoid 1 Patched All clean
Patrick Klepek Kotaku, EGM, G4, Giant Bomb 4 Patched 1
Patrick O’Rourke Financial Post 1
Peter Brown GameSpot 1 Patched All clean
Philippa Warr Freelance, Rock, Paper, Shotgun, The Huffington Post Wired 2
Phillip Kollar Polygon Game Informer 2 Possible 1
Rab Florence Former Journalist Eurogamer, Rock, Paper, Shotgun 1
Raymond Padilla 0
Richard Clark Christ and Pop Culture, 0
Richard Cobbett Freelance Edge, Eurogamer, IGN, PC Gamer, Rock, Paper, Shotgun 2
Richard Mitchell Freelance Joystiq 1 Possible Unsure
Richard Stanton Eurogamer, Freelance, The Guardian 1
Richard Walker PS Trophies, Xbox Achievements 1 Possible Unsure
Rob Edwards TechRadar, The Guardian 1
Rob Zacny Polygon IGN, The Escapist 1
Roberto Buffa 1
Robin Burks Tech Times 1
Rod Breslau Freelance GameSpot 1 Possible Unsure
Rollin Bishop Laughing Squid, The Mary Sue IGN 1 Possible Unsure
Ron Whitaker Community manager, The Escapist GameFront 0
Rosalind Wiseman Author 1 Possible Unsure
Russ Pitts Former Journalist Polygon, The Escapist 1 Possible Unsure
Ryan Fleming Dead Beats Panel, Digital Trends 1 Possible Unsure
Ryan Kuo Kill Screen 0
Ryan Scott Geekbox 1 Possible Unsure
Ryan Smith A.V. Club 0
Sam Biddle The Intercept Gawker, Gizmodo, Valleywag 4 Patched 1 Possible 1
Sam Machovech Ars Technica 0
Samit Sarkar Polygon Destructoid 5 Possible 1
Sarah LeBoeuf The Escapist 1 Possible Unsure
Scott Nichols Freelance 1 Possible Unsure
Scott Steinberg Former Journalist 0
Sebastian Haley Former Journalist 0
Seth Macy IGN 1
Simon Ferrari Former Journalist 0
Simon Parkin Eurogamer, The Guardian 1
Sinan Kubba Freelance Ars Technica, G4, Joystiq, The Escapist 0
Sophie Prell Freelance Destructoid, G4, Joystiq, Penny Arcade Report 0
Stephen Totilo Kotaku 4 Patched 1
Steve Butts IGN The Escapist 1 Patched All clean
Steve Haske Wired 0
Steve Johnson NBCUniversal G4 0
Steven Burns Vice, 1
Steven Hansen Destructoid 1
Steven L. Kent Freelance 0
Steven Ruygrok 1
Stu Horvath Unwinnable 0
Susan Arendt GamesRadar Joystiq, The Escapist 2 Possible 1
Tauriq Moosa io9, New Statesman, Polygon, The Guardian 1
Taylor Cocke Former Journalist Edge, IGN 0
Tim Colwill 1
Tim Stevens CNET 0
Tim Wee Indie Games the Weblog 4 Possible 2
Timothy J. Seppala Engadget 1
Tina Amini Former Journalist Kotaku 0
Tom Chick Quarter to Three Honest Gamers 0
Tom Curtis Former Journalist Gamasutra 0
Tyler Colp GotGame, Editor, SideQuesting 1
Tyler Wilde PC Gamer GamesRadar 1 Patched All clean
Vincent Ingenito IGN 1 Possible Unsure
Will Tuttle Former Journalist 1 Possible Unsure
William O’Neal Softonic TechRadar 1 Possible Unsure
William Usher One Angry Gamer 0
Xav De Matos Freelance Joystiq 0
Yanier Gonzalez Destructoid 3
Yannick LeJacq Vice Kotaku 1 Possible Unsure
Zac Belado Freelance, Pocket Tactics 1 Patched All clean
Zack Stern MacWorld, PC World 0