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The monster to silence

The monster to silence

Media's dehumanizing portrayal of those calling them out for their corruption may be that corruption's most irrefutable proof




Steve Butts


Steve Butts

IGN, Editor-in-Chief

While he was Editor-in-Chief at the Escapist, an article written by "The Escapist Staff" gave positive press to board game Adventurer Conqueror King System, originally without disclosing that the game's publisher Autarch was co-founded and managed by the Escapist's publisher Alexander Macris, and that it was authored by Macris himself and by then-employee and future the Escapist Editor-in-Chief Greg Tito. Current version of the article properly discloses.

26 Jul 16
Dave Neumann — iOS Board Games
Zac Belado — Freelance
Alex Connolly — Freelance
17 Jul 16
13 Jul 16
08 Jun 16
Mike DiverVice, Editor
07 May 16
Vincent IngenitoIGN, Senior editor
Richard Walker — PS Trophies, Editor
Kirk McLeand — Freelance
Steven, Senior editor
Peter BrownGameSpot, Senior editor
08 Apr 16
Rob EdwardsTechRadar, Freelance contributor
Jesus Bella — 3d Juegos
Robin Burks — Tech Times
Jorge Cano — Vandal
Jillian Kestler D’Amours — Toronto Star, Reporter
22 Mar 16
Jaime Ventura — Freelance
Hayden DingmanPC World, Reporter
Brittany Vincent — Freelance
Patrick HancockDestructoid, Contributor
Allegra FrankPolygon, Reporter
Carolyn Petit — Feminist Frequency
16 Mar 16
26 Jan 16
Our article on Yellow Journalism, Quick & Dirty, has been heavily revamped. It is now the largest article on the site by a large margin, and aside from covering large game journalism scandals like the ones surrounding Brad Wardell, Denis Dyack or Max Temkin, it now discusses a variety of subjects, such as manufactured scandals, sensationalist reviews, media blitzes. There is even a section about the UVA rape hoax.

Due to being referenced in this article, a section of The Monster to silence has been slightly updated, and part of the previous version of Quick & Dirty has been moved to Unreliable Numbers. Several emblems will also be updated due to this article.